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Who Are We?

We are a private social institution providing educational services to children from 4 months to 4 years of age. We are aiming to direct and culture your children’s behavior as well as to develop their innate talent and improve it more.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you and your beloved children to “British Home Nursery”, the second house for your child where we make sure that your children enjoy their childhood while we take care of them. We provide the highest levels of service, care, and attention to all children.

We believe that British Home Nursery will be able to nourish your children in developing their mental and physical abilities while ensuring their health from the first months of their age and we’ll stand a big role in developing their feeling of safety, love, and stability while they are away from their parents.

Our role in British Home Nursery is to develop children’s abilities in all fields of growth and learning by using behavioral goal strategies and motivational learning to develop intellectual thinking from their early childhood.

Our Facilities

We Are Providing an Environment for Our Little kids to Grow & Excel for their Future

Our Mission

Teaching the Professionals of tomorrow

Our mission in British Home Nursery is to prepare happy creative children to enjoy life in an atmosphere of fun in which we discover places of beauty and excellence provide them with confidence and surround them with care. At the same time, we provide high-quality service and healthy, physical, and mental care necessary for all aspects of their life. We seek also to develop their talents, widen their perception, and establish high values in themselves. We meet the requirements associated with a child’s growth stages in all age classes and adopt developed scientific and technological causes and techniques in a favorable environment embracing the child under distinguished supervision to qualify them for dealing with the different study plans in their future educational stages.


Our Goals

Our Goals

Provide a suitable and incentive healthy environment for children for learning, playing, and recognition and development of self.

Support positive values among children and bring joy and pleasure to them.

Build innovative sense and develop different physical senses according to the child’s natural growth stages.

Support the value of loving science and knowledge by granting much love, encouragement, and assurance.

Reinforce a child’s ability to grow and learn by adopting the highest early care degrees.

Reinforce social skills of children such as interaction, cooperation, group sharing, listening, taking a role in performing things, and relations formation.

Give the children the chance to develop their motor skills using their bodies.

Develop children’s fantasy depending on developed activities that encourage them to express their perspectives and develop the ability of ideas and feelings exchange.

Take care of the child’s health and food.

Stress the requirements and needs f a child’s growth including several aspects including educational, social, physical, mental, cultural, and emotional aspects.

Support a child’s needs and give him /her the chance to move smoothly from nursery to the kindergarten stage.

Adapt easily with new persons and new situations.



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Location: Hazza Bin Zayed The First Street, Defence Road, Building #35, Office #01, Abu Dhabi

Contact: Abu Dhabi: 02 446 4880, Baniyas: 02 665 5127,    Al Shamkha: 02 583 1183

Email: info@barneyhome-nursery.ae

Nursery Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:00 AM – 3:oo PM

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