Barney Home Nursery - Al Shamkha City

Barney Home Nursery - Al Shamkha City

Barney Home Nursery - Shamkha Branch is the 
latest branch of Barney located in Shamkha Area.
We have a spacious place in the nursery where proper ventilation is acquired.

We also have a wide area outside with a lot of playing materials that will enhance
your children physically and sociably.

Our place holds on all approvals from the government and
with validity of the building premises to take care of children.

We also got spacious rooms with well-equipped tools for the age of the children
and we are legit and approved by all ways for the security and safety of your child.

Barney Home Nursery is the best haven for your child as
he/she grows to be a better citizen of the country.
Barney Home Nursery - Al Shamkha City



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