Health & Safety


  •  Provide a suitable and incentive healthy environment for children for learning, playing and recognition and development of self.

  • Support positive values among children and bring joy and pleasure to them.

  • Build innovative sense and develop different physical senses according to child's natural growth stages.

  • Support the value of loving science and knowledge by granting much love, encouragement and assurance.

  • Reinforce child's ability to grow and learn by adopting highest early care degrees.

  • Reinforce social skills of children such as interaction, cooperation, group sharing, listening, taking role in performing things and relations formation.

  • Give the children the chance to develop their motor skills using their bodies.

  • Develop children's fantasy depending on developed activities that encourage them to express their perspectives and develop the ability of ideas and feelings exchange.

  • Take care of child's health and food.

  • Stress the requirements and needs f a child's growth including several aspects including educational, social, physical, mental, cultural and emotional aspects.

  • Support a child's needs and give him /her the chance to move smoothly from nursery to the kindergarten stage.

  • Adapt easily with new persons and new situations.



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