Health Care

Health & Safety

Health Care

Your children healthy and safety are very important and matters to us. To provide a healthy, secure and safe environment, the Nursery observes the following:

  • The doctor pays periodic visits to children.

  • There is attendant nurse in the Nursery paying periodic visits during the day to take children temperatures and follow up their health condition and appetite to maintain the public health of children and others.

  • In case a child is sick, the nurse makes the necessary first aids for him/ her while parents are called immediately to come and take the child to take care of him / her.

  • Parents should inform the Nursery about any absence of the child and the cause.

  • Parents should also notify the Nursery management about any previous surgery operations, dislocation of joint or any part of the body, allergy to any food or dairy products, "Vinyl Ketoneorea" disease, asthma or allergy requiring using of vapor inhalation devices, thermal convulsions, abnormal temperature rise, genetic disease such as epilepsy …  etc. to take such cases into consideration.

  • Temperature rise in the last twenty four hours.

  • Infective disease such as chicken pox, measles, German measles, lice …. Etc.

  • Suffering from common cold, flu or continuous cough.

  • Severe gastritis such as diarrhea and vomiting.

  • Loss of appetite or feeling tired or fatigued as house rest may prevent his / her case complication.

  • Parotid inflammation.

  • Eye inflammation, redness or lacrimation whether from inside or outside due to spreading of ophthalmia of all kinds.

  • Deep wounds, fractures or splints.

  • Any other similar case to keep the children health and safety at the Nursery.


If a child is infected with any of the above illnesses, he / she must say at home till he / she recovers or becomes free of infection because there is no capabilities in the Nursery to take care of sick children and the Nursery assumes no responsibility for treating the child or giving him / her any kind of medicines.


Upon the return of a child from the treatment and recovery period, please bring a medical report indicating illness and the treatment period to maintain your and al children in the Nursery and prevent infection of others.



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